Something About Puffing Billy Railways

If someone wants to experience the historical values of the state of Victoria then he can not skip the Melbourne puffing billy tour railways, because of the very reason that this railway plays a very important role in the history of the Victoria and is a vital component of its heritage. If someone is local to the city of Melbourne then he must have at least experienced once this puffing billy railways. Not only the inhabitants of the state but the people coming to visit Victoria also love to experience this because of its individuality and uniqueness. 

There are different packages provided by the tour guide companies whilst traveling the puffing billy railway. They can enjoy the dinners and lunches in first class heritage and there are even other events like the Day Out With Thomas and some Santa Special Event. However, this railway works 365 days a year except the day of the Christmas. It is the only day in which it shuts itself and gets a break.  

The travel path for this railway starts from Belgrave and ends at Gembrook in the Dandenong mountains. These mountains are located on the 40 km in the east of the Melbourne city.  In early 1900 , four railways were designed in the rural areas, one of which was the Melbourne puffing billy railways . None of these railway lines could survive over the time except this railway. This survival would not have been possible if the volunteers of the preservation society would not be there to give their efforts in order to preserve this heritage. There are around 900 volunteers dedicatedly working for this heritage. This is the role played by the Victorian Government in collaboration with the Puffing billy railway Preservation society who founded and rescued this railways in the era of 1955. This society designated its volunteers as the safety officers who worked day and night for the fundraising. After the constructions that took place in 1958 this railway was reopened in 1962, and then the volunteers of the Preservation society continued to work as the locomotive crews, stations staff and guards where as the Preservation society executives turned as the manager of this railways. For more information, please log on to

A teacher of Melbourne grammar school took an initiative and managed to gather a group of around 400 people who hold a rally and these people organized and formed unity for saving the train on the date of January 4, 1955.

Something About Puffing Billy Railways
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